Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Hot Hot Hot!!!

( Left is a picture of some beautiful wild Honeysuckle I have growing in my garden, it smells divine! )
Wow, isn't it hot!! Lovely in the day but much too hot to sleep comfortably! Apart from the hot weather, I had a very disturbed night last night, this is what happened............

12.30 am and I was still tossing and turning, windows wide open, I heard a very strange shuffling noise outside. I live in a rural area, so I am used to the noises of the countyside and wildlife, but this was most peculiar, so I got out of bed to have a peek out of the window. The sight that greeted me was 25 huge milking cows pottering in the street, on the gardens, everywhere! As I live in between 2 farms, I knew that they had got out of one of the nearby fields! I quickly got dressed ( didnt want to scare the cows in my PJ'S!) and alerted one of the farmers, who along with his partner in her nightie, the other farmer, me and my partner, rounded up the heard ( not easy in the pitch dark!) and returned them to their field, non the worse for their night time adventure! After a well deserved cup of tea, I got back to bed eventually, but what a night!!

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