Saturday, 9 April 2011

WOW!!!! I don't know if it is the lovely sunny weather, but I have been feeling very inspired of late. I have had tons of ideas for new jewellery collections, and have been busy sketching, designing and making pretty much non stop! I have been working on 2 new collections, one is a collection of bracelets, as I don't feel I have made enough of these, tending to concentrate on necklaces and a few earrings. The bracelets will all have the wow factor, statement pieces to be worn with style! The other collection is a collection of necklaces all featuring a generous sprinkling of sparkly crystals, hearts, flowers, or a gorgeous focal pendant. These are in a range of lovely bright colours, perfect for the coming season. If you follow me on facebook, you will know that I have struggled with a name for this collection, but I have finally narrowed it down to 2 possibles........but I'm not revealing them yet!

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