Friday, 30 July 2010

There has been no blogging for a while, as I have been recovering from a tooth infection, very painful! The said tooth has now been removed and all is well, I am able to eat sweeties once more.

I have bought a wild bird feeding station and have put it outside my window where I can see it while I am working at my computer. Its fabulous, but I am getting very little work done as I am spending all my time watching the birds feeding! At the time of writing this blog entry, there are 11 blue tits having a good feed. It is supposedly a squirrel proof one, but I know how wily those squirrels are, so they have their own feeding place under a tree at the front of my house, where they can much thier way through the monkey nuts I put out each day. Honestly, these creatures eat better than I do!!

I do think it is important to help our wildlife as much as possible, after all, it is humans that cause most of their problems,destroying their habitats etc. Even if you can do a little bit to help wildlife, this helps to redress the balance.

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