Friday, 17 July 2009

I have recently come across a beautiful new stone, Green Moss Quartz. Its colour is the most incredible blue - green and no 2 I have seen are the exact same shade and markings. Green Moss Quartz ( not to be confused with Green Moss Agate ) reminds me a little of Aquamarine, with the colours being much more vibrant, rather than the more subtle shades of Aquamarine. As with all new crystals, I work with their energies for a while to find out a little more about them and their vibration. GMQ has a lovely gentle energy, that is also very positive and strong. This will be a stone to sustain and nourish, encouraging spiritual growth and balance. The energy feels a little like a bracing blast of fresh sea air, which is appropriate given the colour is similar to crashing waves and frothy sea foam. this weekend I will be making some jewellery with these fantastic beads, which will be on the site early next week.

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