Saturday, 20 June 2009

Brand New!

I am introducing a new service on the website, a personalised healing jewellery service. The price will include extensive research into the appropriate stones for you, a personalised, named, colour brochure detailing the healing propertis of your crystals, a silk purse, and of course the piece of jewellery. Upon purchase, I will e mail you a short questionaire, as this information will help me to choose your personal prescription. This will also make a great gift for someone, and can be delivered to the giftee's address at no extra cost. See website for further details.

Although I do admit to Pink being my absolute favourite colour, I have been very drawn to Pink stones of late. I love working in particular with Rose quartz and Pink Opal, I love their pure and gentle energies. Many people associate soft pastel colours such as this with the summer months, but in my opinion, Pink is perfect all year round, a wonderful soft colour to lighten up your energy in the dark winter months.

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